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AXIalis™ is the next-generation integrated and compact biometer and pachymeter (optional).

Ultrasound biometry is complementary to optical biometry when a cataract is highly dense or in case of vitreous hemorrhage. AXIalis has a high precision in biometry, IOL calculation with a total of 12 formulas (including post refractive surgery formulas) and pachymetry (optional) with integrated tables of correlations between IOP and corneal thickness.


  • Pachymetry (optional) has several measurement modes offering a precision of ± 5 µm
  • Up-to-date and full connectivity: Bluetooth / Wifi / HDMI / EMR / DICOM (optional)
  • An intuitive user-friendly interface to simplify the measurement process

Biometry Probe

Axial length measurements probe. Biometry with a standard 11MHz A-scan probe.


Exclusive to Quantel Medical. Biometry with an advanced 11MHz A-scan probe featuring a laser beam for patient’s fixation.

Pachymetry probe (optional)

Measurement of the corneal thickness.
Several modes and corneal maps are available.

Promotional video

Prager shells 15mm for infants

Prager shells 15mm for infants

For biometry probes

Prager shells 17mm for adults

Prager shells 17mm  for adults

For biometry probes

Biometry probe hand piece

Biometry probe hand piece

Model still available in some countries according to local registration: AXIS NANO

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