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Quantel Medical has completed its acquisition of Ellex, including the company’s laser and ultrasound technology solutions (with the exception of 2RT® and iTrack®), via the financial holding company Lumibird Medical.

The purchase includes the Ellex brand name, its R&D and production site based in Adelaide and its subsidiaries based in Australia, Japan, the United States, France and Germany.

The coming together of these two companies—both renowned in the field of ophthalmology—represents a real milestone in their history. Quantel Medical and Ellex have a shared heritage in the development of cutting-edge technologies for the diagnosis and treatment of the leading causes of blindness worldwide: glaucoma, cataracts, AMD and diabetic retinopathy.

The coming together of Quantel Medical and Ellex offers huge potential for growth and value creation through various synergies, including the sharing of R&D capacity and production sites, and the strengthening of their clinical work to meet the current and future needs of ophthalmologists.

Quantel Medical and Ellex have complementary strengths, in particular their product positioning, experience and knowledge of the ophthalmology market. Bringing together the product portfolios of both companies will enable them to better meet the needs of healthcare professionals, in terms of both the applications and positioning of their ranges.

“Ellex’s strong, direct positioning in certain markets, combined with the strength of Quantel Medical’s international distribution network will enable our two companies to effectively combine their presence on the global market,” explains Keith Byrne, Vice President of Ellex. “This means we can respond to the requirements and infrastructure of existing customers as well as exploring new markets.”

Jean-Marc Gendre, CEO Quantel Medical and Deputy CEO Lumibird Group, adds: “Our goal is clear: to become the global leader in ophthalmic laser and ultrasound solutions for the diagnosis and treatment of eye diseases.”

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Since 1993, Quantel Medical develops, manufactures and markets innovative medical laser and ultrasound solutions.

World leader in ophthalmology, its lasers and ultrasounds are designed to diagnose and treat the four main causes of blindness: cataracts, glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy and macular degeneration; and also dry eye disease.

Quantel Medical offers a range of Point of Care ultrasound, perfectly designed to meet the latest imaging needs in general medicine, musculoskeletal medicine, emergency medicine and anaesthesia/resuscitation, among others.

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Since 1993, Quantel Medical has been involved in developing, manufacturing and marketing medical equipment to provide health professionals with state-of-the-art diagnostic and therapeutic systems.

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