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Mosar® for Easyret®: High Definition Imaging System

Mosar® for Easyret®: High Definition Imaging System

Quantel Medical accessorizes its yellow laser Easyret® with Mosar®, a High definition imaging system.

Always tuned to the market needs and to the feedbacks of the ophthalmologists, Quantel Medical launches Mosar®, a new optional imaging system dedicated to its high-end yellow retinal laser.

Already CE Marked, FDA approved and available for sale, Mosar® features a HD camera, a screen and a powerful computer. Enhancing the retinal laser treatment procedures and the follow-up of the patients, it offers 3 main modes of use, thanks to its smart and easy to use software interface:

- A co-observation teaching mode for live viewing of laser procedures

- An advanced mode allowing the operator to:

  • Import diagnosis images facilitating the laser treatment planning
  • Prepare, print and record advanced treatment reports including fundus and diagnosis images
  • Take pictures or record treatment videos for presentation and training purposes

- A library mode, to manage all the generated images, videos and treatment reports which can be exported on a USB drive or a local network.

“We are focused on delivering new products and solutions improving laser treatments and patient’s follow-up. After the successful introduction of Easyret®, our high-end yellow retina laser based on fiber laser technology, we are proud to launch our new Mosar® High definition imaging system for Easyret®”, said Jean-Marc Gendre, CEO Quantel Medical and Deputy CEO Lumibird Group.  

“We are very excited to bring our new imaging system to ophthalmologists and their patients”, added Jean-Marc Gendre. “Thanks to its ease of use, we are sure that more and more surgeons will adopt our SingleSpot, MultiSpot and Subliminal laser Easyret® enhancing peripheral and macular laser treatments and its dedicated high definition imaging system Mosar®”. EURETINA participants will have the pleasure to discover Mosar® for Easyret® on Quantel Medical ebooth from October 02nd to 04th.

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Since 1993, Quantel Medical develops, manufactures and markets innovative medical laser and ultrasound solutions.

World leader in ophthalmology, its lasers and ultrasounds are designed to diagnose and treat the four main causes of blindness: cataracts, glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy and macular degeneration; and also dry eye disease.

Quantel Medical offers a range of Point of Care ultrasound, perfectly designed to meet the latest imaging needs in general medicine, musculoskeletal medicine, emergency medicine and anaesthesia/resuscitation, among others.

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Since 1993, Quantel Medical has been involved in developing, manufacturing and marketing medical equipment to provide health professionals with state-of-the-art diagnostic and therapeutic systems.

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