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Retinal laser therapy, reinvented

Fully integrated yellow laser combining Quantel Medical exclusive fiber laser technology with single spot, multispot and subliminal treatment modes.

Easyret features a unique clinically oriented user interface and software-guided treatment procedures facilitating the implementation of the laser spots and enhancing retinal treatments. 

Key features:

  • Most versatile wavelength with best chromophore absorption profile.
  • Perfectly homogenous laser spot profile ensuring even laser treatments.
  • MultiSpot mode for peripheral treatments better tolerated by patients.
  • SubLiminal subthreshold mode for tissue sparing macular treatments.

Fiber laser technology

A world first to market in photocoagulation: Fiber Laser Cavity

Stemming from the ELBATM technology, developed and successfully marketed by Quantel laser for various applications, this new generation of laser cavity provides unique advantages:

  • The emission of pure 577nm yellow wavelength
  • An excellent beam quality ensuring a homogeneous laser spot profile (top hat)
  • An extended lifetime thanks to a simple, compact and reliable technology

Proprietary 577nm SubLiminal emission mode

In addition to SingleSpot and MultiSpot delivery modes, Easyret features the SubLiminal technology.

The use of this subthreshold treatment mode converts each laser shot into a “pulse envelope” composed of a customizable train of short pulses, allowing the operator to fully adjust the pulse duration (On Time) and interval (Off Time). This fined-tuned control of the laser treatment settings ensures a precise management of the thermal effect on the targeted tissues.

Enhanced software interface

Easyret provides an intuitive and versatile software user interface simplifying the use of the Single Spot, MultiSpot and SubLiminal treatment modes. Built in a clinically oriented manner, Easyret offers 3 different types of visible targets (aiming beam) facilitating the implementation of the laser spots with each treatment mode.

Fully integrated design

Easyret offers a fully integrated design in which the laser and the slit lamp are optimally integrated integrated for better ergonomics and ease of use. It is available with two types of slit lamps to adapt to the operator’s working habits. Both versions feature:

  • an integrated laser adapter featuring a continuously variable parfocal zoom
  • a large touch screen interface to monitor the treatment settings
  • a click wheel to control the patterns settings
  • an intelligent footswitch to control the laser settings

Yellow laser wavelength

5d499b199bb5b_Yellow laser wavelength.png

Presented as the most versatile wavelength in the scientific literature, the 577nm wavelength offers the following benefits:

  • Excellent combined absorption by both melanin and oxyhemoglobin (peak absorption of oxyhemoglobin) [1,2]
  • Very little absorption by macular xanthophyll pigments [1,2]
  • Excellent penetration through cataracts and hazy media [1,2]

Subliminal treatment mode


Composed of a train of extremely short microsecond pulses, this subthreshold treatment mode (non-visible laser impacts) is a tissue sparing treatment mode avoiding scarring [7,8] while treating Diabetic Macular Edema [7] and Central Serous Chorioretinopathy [8].

The SubLiminal treatment mode can be delivered through 3 customizable patterns for better adaptation to the treatment site.

Multispot treatment mode


Characterized by the use of short pulse durations from 10 to 20 ms, the MultiSpot treatment mode offers many advantages over classical treatments:

  • Less heat diffusion to the retina and choroid, less damage to the retinal nerve fiber layer [3,4]
  • Comfortable treatment better tolerated by patients [5]
  • Treatment time reduction (full PRP in 1 session) [6]

The MultiSpot treatment mode can be delivered through 4 customizable patterns for better adaptation to the treatment site.
Single spot - Squares - Circles - Triple arcs

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Laser indirect ophthalmoscope (Keeler Vantage Plus)

Laser indirect ophthalmoscope (Keeler Vantage Plus)

GentleFoot Footswitch

GentleFoot Footswitch

Click Wheel

Click Wheel

Model still available in some countries according to local registration: Supra Scan

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