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Capsulo is a versatile Nd:YAG laser platform combining photodisruption and iridotomy treatments with expansion capability for 532 nm Retinal Photocoagulation. Capsulo can easily be transformed into an anterior and posterior laser platform when combined with Vitra 2.


  • High quality optics and dual height illumination-tower for viewing both the anterior and posterior segments
  • Advanced two-point green aiming beam for rapid and precise tissue targeting
  • Slit Lamp manufactured and designed by Lumibird Medical
  • Simple and intuitive user interface

High-Quality Optics / Integrity of view

Integrated with a premium Zeiss-type slit lamp Capsulo provides pristine clarity of view of the anatomical structures in both anterior and posterior segments. 

A dual height illumination-tower provides discrete viewing angles of 16 & 7.5° for diagnosis/treatment of anterior segment and posterior pole.

Simplified user interface

Thanks to its intuitive user interface, Capsulo simplifies the implementation of the YAG laser treatments:

  • Easily accessible treatment parameters on both sides of the laser
  • Full touch screen control of the laser settings

Advanced Combination Laser Platform

A fully integrated glaucoma and cataract laser platform, Capsulo easily combines with Vitra 2 monospot or multispot photocoagulators to provide an all-in-one Laser solution

Precise & Powerful

CAPSULO YAG laser delivers high-performance photodisruption for capsulotomy and peripheral iridotomy. Its gaussian laser beam profile allows for precise delivery, only requiring minimum energy levels, which avoids side effects such as lens pitting.

Precise tissue targeting is achieved with the advanced green two-point aiming beam, allowing for fast and accurate targeting of the capsule; and the adjustable offset feature, allowing for easy focus adjustment behind or at the point of disruption.



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Vitra 2

Vitra 2

Retinal Photocoagulation

Multispot Laser Adaptator

Multispot Laser Adaptator

Vitra 2 Laser adapator

Model still available in some countries according to local registration: Optimis II

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