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The portable ultrasound biometer

Ultrasound biometry is the only technology allowing for the measurement of axial length whatever the cataract density.
Axis nano is a high precision A-scan system able to measure all eye types and includes the latest IOL calculations formulae – 6 formulae for standard IOL calculation and 6 formulae for post refractive surgery)

It operates from a notebook under windows environment and is EMR compatible: it adapts to new practice standards and information transfer requirements.


  • Immersion biometry compatible for higher precision measurements
  • Allows comparison between different IOL types and calculation formulae
  • EMR compatible

Biometry Probe

Axial length measurements probe. Biometry with a standard 11MHz A-scan probe.


Biometry with an advanced 11MHz A-scan probe featuring a laser beam for patient’s fixation.




Prager shells 17mm for adults

Prager shells 17mm  for adults

For biometry probes

Prager shells 15mm for infants

Prager shells 15mm for infants

For biometry probes