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Retinal photocoagulation, simplified

Ergonomic and easy to use, Vitra 2 offers a wide array of parameters tailored to the treatment of retinal pathologies.

Adaptable on Haag Streit or Zeiss sit lamps, it features a unique clinically oriented user interface and software-guided treatment procedures enhancing retinal treatments. 

Key features:

  • Traditional 532nm green wavelength.
  • Single Spot mode for conventional thermal retina treatments.
  • MultiSpot mode for peripheral treatments better tolerated by patients.

Single Spot or Multispot

Traditional Single Spot laser photocoagulation is performed using single spots with long pulse durations (100 to 200 ms).

When lots of laser spots have to be delivered these laser sessions can be lengthy and taxing. The MultiSpot treatment mode bypasses of these limitations. By using shorter duration (10 to 20 ms) and pattern scan technology, multiple laser spots are delivered extremely fast in a variety of patterns, shortening the duration of the laser sessions and making the laser treatment more comfortable for both patient and surgeon.

Vitra 2 is compatible with both treatment modes.

Enhanced software interface

Vitra 2 provides an intuitive and versatile software user interface simplifying the SingleSpot and MultiSpot laser treatments.

Built in a clinically oriented manner, it guides the operator through the laser treatment implementation steps.

Delivery Systems

In order to address the specific needs of each configuration, Vitra 2 can be connected to a wide range of delivery systems:

  • Slit Lamp adapters
  • Laser indirect ophthalmoscope (Keeeler Vantage Plus)
  • Microscope adapters (Zeiss and Leica microscopes)
  • Vitra Laser Probes (20G, 23G, 25G / Straight, Curved, Flexible curved and steerable)

When used with a slit lamp, Vitra 2 can be connected to a Single Spot or a MultiSpot laser adapter and can upgraded at any time.

Single spot treatment mode


Characterized by the use of long pulse durations (100-200ms), the SingleSpot treatment mode offers 4 customizable shooting modes for the implementation of thermal treatments such as leaking blood vessels sealing (focal laser photocoagulation): Single Mode, Repeat Mode, Painting Mode, Continuous Mode.


Multispot treatment mode


Characterized by the use of short pulse durations (10-20ms), the MultiSpot treatment mode offers many advantages over conventional photocoagulation in retinal treatments such as panretinal photocoagulation (PRP):

  • Less heat diffusion to the retina and choroid, less damage to the retinal nerve fiber layer [1,2]
  • Comfortable treatment better tolerated by patients [3]
  • Extremely fast treatment (full PRP in 1 session) [4].

The MultiSpot treatment mode can be delivered through 4 customizable patterns for better adaptation to the treatment site: Square, Circle, Triple arcs, Single Spot.


Promotional video

Slit lamp adapters

Slit lamp adapters

Haag-Streit type and Zeiss type

Laser indirect ophthalmoscope (Keeler Vantage Plus)

Laser indirect ophthalmoscope (Keeler Vantage Plus)

OR microscope adapters

OR microscope adapters

Zeiss type and Leica type

Laser probes

Laser probes

20G, 23G, 25G / Straight, Curved, Flexible curved and steerable

GentleFoot Footswitch

GentleFoot Footswitch

Elbow Rest

Elbow Rest

Model still available in some countries according to local registration: Vitra MonoSpot & Vitra MultiSpot

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Clinical References

1- Jain A, Blumenkranz MS, Paulus Y et al. Effect of pulse duration on size and character of the lesion in retinal photocoagulation. Arch Ophthalmol. 2008; 126:78-85.

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