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VITRA 810 for SubCyclo: A new step forward in SubLiminal Cyclophotocoagulation

Quantel Medical, a global ophthalmic medical device company dedicated to developing leading technologies to improve the diagnosis and treatment of ocular diseases, today announced the launch of the new VITRA 810TM laser and its new SubCyclo® probe at the American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO 2018) meeting being held in Chicago, USA, October 27 - 30.

1 laser: 2 clinical applications
Compact and reliable, Vitra 810 is a versatile 810nm laser offering 2 clinical applications. Thanks to its advanced clinically oriented software interface, glaucoma and retina treatments can be performed through 4 guided treatment procedures: Thermal Cyclodestruction, Subcyclo, Photocoagulation and TTT.

1 probe: 2 glaucoma treatments
Along with the Vitra 810 laser launch Quantel Medical is also introducing a new Cyclophotocoagulation probe featuring a unique design allowing performing both thermal and subthreshold cyclophotocoagulation procedures with a single probe.

Thanks to its unique removable footplate design, this new probe ensures a perfect and accurate probe positioning for both treatment procedures which can be enhanced thanks to transillumination or UBM techniques.

“Vitra 810 laser is the successor to the Supra 810 laser which successfully introduced the SubCyclo glaucoma treatment procedure 18 months ago, said Jean‐Marc Gendre, CEO of Quantel Medical. SubCyclo is a subthreshold cyclophotocoagulation procedure generating more and more interest among glaucoma doctors. It improves the uveoscleral outflow and limits the aqueous flow production while preserving the ciliary body structures.
The introduction of Vitra 810 will sustain the position of Quantel Medical in glaucoma treatment”.

AAO attendees will have the pleasure to discover the VITRA 810 laser and its new probe on Quantel Medical exhibit booth #3056. (FDA Pending)