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Quantel Medical announces the acquisition of the Slovenian company Optotek Medical d.o.o., specialised in the development of optical solutions and lasers for medical applications. This acquisition is the outcome of a long collaboration between the two companies through the development and supply of devices as OEM for its anterior chamber lasers range.

Quantel Medical reinforces both its expertise in medical lasers R&D, and its industrial integration with an additional ISO 13485 certified production unit based in Ljubjana, Slovenia. Optotek Medical achieved a turnover of M€ 6.6 in 2018, of which nearly two-thirds alongside Quantel Medical. The rest is achieved on an ophthalmological lasers range sold in about thirty countries. Optotek Medical possesses a high-end know-how in optic and micromechanics.

“Co-developments led by Quantel Medical and Optotek Medical for almost 20 years have allowed to bring to market innovative solutions for the treatment of secondary cataract and glaucoma, specifies Jean-Marc Gendre, Quantel Medical’s CEO. This acquisition is the logical outcome of a historic collaboration and the beginning of a new phase in our development”.

The industrial, technological and commercial synergies between the two companies will allow to increase the competitiveness of ophthalmic lasers already marketed, and accelerate the development of new products.