Eye Cells

Figure : Analogic eye / Photographic camera



Consists of:

  • The basic and especially complex function provided by the visual system.
  • Perception of light rays and their interpretation to understand the environment. 

The eye:

  • The essential component of this system.
  • It is often compared to a camera: 
    • The eye can be described as a darkroom fitted with a lens consisting of 2 lenses (cornea, lens) with focusing (accommodation) and a diaphragm (pupil). Its photographic film (retina) where the image is going to be printed is digitised (signal transduction) via a cable (optic nerve) and then is interpreted by the brain. (1)
  • Any abnormality in one of the components of this system may alter its functioning and be the cause of different disorders.

Video 1 : Eye anatomy