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Quantel Medical opens up new markets with its acquisition of ECM's medical activities

Quantel Medical, a LUMIBIRD Group subsidiary, has taken a further step forward with its development by acquiring the medical activities of ECM, an IMV Technologies group subsidiary. World leader for ophthalmic diagnosis ultrasound solutions, Quantel Medical is opening up to other markets such as sports, general and hospital medicine.

Based in Angoulême, France, ECM, an IMV Technologies group subsidiary, has been specialized in dedicated ultrasound devices for human and veterinary medicine for the past 30 years. The diverse applications in terms of human medicine range from sports and general medicine to obstetrics and resuscitation, as well as new markets such as physiotherapy.

With 25 years of ophthalmic ultrasound experience and expertise, Quantel Medical today has over 12,000 ophthalmic ultrasound scanners in operation. These devices have been created thanks to Quantel Medical's research and development and include the latest innovations for high-definition ultrasound.

Thanks to its commercial successes and expert technical capabilities, Quantel Medical has built up a key strategic position, which will enable it to continue progressing with high-end ultrasound solutions following its acquisition of ECM's medical activities. 

"ECM has developed an innovative product portfolio based on technologies that dovetail effectively with our own'', confirms Jean-Marc Gendre, Quantel Medical's CEO. «This acquisition will enable us to move into demanding markets such as emergency medicine or the treatment of musculoskeletal disorders with targeted products that effectively meet the needs of various specialties".

"This acquisition of ECM's medical activities sets out the Lumibird Group's commitment to expanding its medical operations in other fields alongside ophthalmology. Our Quantel Medical subsidiary has all the technological and commercial expertise needed to rapidly transform this project into an outstanding success, in a field where quick and accurate diagnoses are vital", explains Marc Le Flohic, Lumibird Group Chairman and CEO.

With this acquisition of ECM's medical devices and its teams' technical, clinical, marketing and commercial expertise, Quantel Medical expects to achieve rapid market share gains over the coming months in France and from 2019 in Quantel Medical's core export markets. The sales generated by this business are expected to quickly reach several million euros.