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VITRA 2: Retinal Photocoagulation simplified CLERMONT-

Quantel Medical reinvents its flagship 532nm green photocoagulator. Vitra 2 includes all the key elements that have made the success of the Vitra photocoagulator such as reliability, compactness and versatility.

It also features a wide a range of improvements and new functionalities:

  • Technology: Vitra 2 features a new generation of optimized laser cavity with an increased max power level. It is also now compatible with Single spot and MultiSpot technologies.
  • All-new clinically oriented software: Vitra 2 features an easy to use clinically oriented software interface simplifying the treatment procedures and the doctors’ workflow thanks to printable treatment reports.
  • Wide range of delivery systems: VITRA 2 is compatible with Haag Streit and Zeiss types slit lamps, with Quantel Medical YAG and YAG/SLT lasers and can be connected to a wide range of delivery systems (operating Microscopes, laser indirect ophthalmoscopes and laser probes).

“After a successful career spanning more than 13 years andwith more than 3000 units sold worldwide, Quantel Medical is proud to announce the renewal of its 532nm flagship Vitra photocoagulator, said Jean-Marc Gendre, CEO Quantel Medical”. We are very excited to bring our new 532nm laser to ophthalmologists and their patients. Thanks to its flexibility and its ease of use, we are sure that more and more surgeons will embrace the MultiSpot technology delivery mode and its associated treatments benefits for retinal photocoagulation.”