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New website: Glaucoma Laser Assisted SolutionS

Lumibird Medical, leader in ophthalmic laser, today announces its new website: dedicated to laser therapies for each glaucoma stage.

As a world leader in lasers in Ophthalmology, Lumibird Medical offer a comprehensive approach to Glaucoma Laser Therapy with treatment options at every stage of the disease paradigm:

  • SLT - A first-line treatment for Glaucoma: SLT is a unique, non-destructive & repeatable laser therapy, reducing intraocular pressure in patients with primary open angle glaucoma. The LIGHT study, published in 2019, confirms SLT as a first line treatment, delivering efficacy and some cost saving benefit to patients. The study demonstrated an improvement in quality-of-life survey in contrast to other therapeutic options.
  • SUBCYCLO A Second-Line Therapy for Glaucoma: SubCyclo® is a subthreshold laser-therapy for the treatment of glaucoma. Based on the transscleral cyclophotocoagulation principle, SubCyclo® stimulates the ciliary body with an intermittent 810nm laser wavelength, resulting in a reduction of aqueous humor production, while also remodelling the uveoscleral pathway, to provide an improved secondary route of aqueous outflow.
  • THERMOCYCLO A last Resort Therapy for Glaucoma: A well-established transscleral laser treatment modality indicated for refractory glaucoma patients. Transscleral photocoagulation of the ciliary processes reduces overall production of aqueous humor.

In order to promote a better understanding of these laser technologies and their clinical applications, Lumibird Medical has created the website, as a concise repository where clinical evidence and best practice resources can be easily accessed online. The website is available in English with a Spanish edition to follow in April.