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Creation of 3 Lumibird Medical Nordics subsidiaries

The Lumibird Medical Group, the medical subsidiary of the Lumibird Group, the European leader in laser technologies, today announces the creation of Lumibird Medical Nordics AB in Sweden, Lumibird Medical Nordics OY in Finland and Lumibird Medical Nordics AS in Norway. 

The creation of these three subsidiaries follows the acquisition on July 31st 2020 of three former Quantel Medical distributors by Lumibird Medical. 

With these three new subsidiaries, Lumibird Medical Nordics aims to boost sales of Quantel Medical and Ellex products in the north of Europe with a shared range of ultrasound platforms, ophthalmic lasers and equipment for the diagnosis and treatment of dry eye. The subsidiaries will also be distributing products from third parties that complement the Lumibird Medical offer. 

“Our aim with the creation of these three new companies is to rapidly increase our turnover in the Nordics by means of a direct sales force and the technical and clinical support that is essential to installing Quantel Medical and Ellex products,” explains Pascal FERNANDES, Sales Director North Europe.

The move enhances the Lumibird Medical Group’s direct sales presence worldwide: it now has a sales force in France, Poland, Sweden, Norway, Finland, the United States, Australia and Japan.