Management Team

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With his 25 years of experience, Jean-Marc Gendre‘s renowned expertise in Ophthalmology is not to demonstrate anymore.

Within his strong knowledge in the medical field, he quickly reached a Marketing and Sales Director position at American Medical System. Heading Quantel Medical, Jean Marc Gendre gives a steady growth dynamic, enabling the company to strengthen its global leadership position on ophthalmology’s market.



VP Sales

Expert in the development of worldwide ophthalmic commercial activities since 20 years, Pascal Besson has been responsible for French and Belgium Refractive Sales Department at Abbott Medical Optics Inc., between 2002 and 2009.

Since then, he is taking care of Quantel Medical’s sales, evolving from Sales & Service Director EMEA & Latin America to VP Sales with the high responsibility to develop the activity worldwide.


Chief Technology Officer

David Pureur started his career in 1998 within a French company of the optical telecommunications sector. He joined the Quantel group in 2006 in charge of the lasers development in the medical and military fields, before taking the head of the Quantel site in Lannion in 2013.

Since 2018 he is Quantel Medical Chief Technology Officer responsible for the technical operational matters, namely the research and industrialisation of Quantel Medical products.



Medical director

Graduated as an ophthalmologist 32 years ago, in 1993 he obtained his Degree of Doctor of Medicine at the Julius Maximilians University of Würzburg Germany, with a mention in Ocular and Orbital Ultrasound, obtaining the Magna cum Laude qualification. After working as a teacher for several years he won by public competition the habilitation as Principal Professor at the University of San Marcos, the oldest in America.

Mario has opted for a new professional challenge by changing his medical-surgical work to assume the medical direction of Quantel, with the will to transfer his clinical and teaching experience to his daily work in the company.


Finance Manager

After having spent, at the beginning of her career, two years within a refrigerating transportation group as a cash manager, she arrived in the Auvergne and integrated BV international (which became Quantel Medical).

Her position and function have evolved with the structure as the team included less than ten people when she arrived. During 20 years she has contributed to the growing of Quantel Medical through her function as a responsible of the Financial and Management Department.



Production Manager

After having spent 8 years within a medical analysis laboratory as electronics engineer in a research office, Patrick Ballandras integrated Quantel Medical in 2000 to manage the production process of 4 devices.

He is now Quantel Medical Production Manager: he plays a key role in the organization, planning and monitoring of the production process, while respecting the growing expectations of the company.


Quality & Regulatory Affairs Director

Bruno started his career as a consultant in quality management. In 2000, he joined EDAP-TMS, a company specialized in urology (prostate cancer and kidney stones) where he was head of department for quality and regulatory affairs. Given the international activities of EDAP-TMS, Bruno has gained a large experience in international environments for both quality and regulatory issues.

He is now at the head of Quantel Medical’s regulatory and quality affairs since September 2016.