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The IPL system LacryStim completes the range of dry eye launched in 2018 with the LacryDiag system


Celebrating of 25th anniversary of Quantel Medical and entrance into the market of general ultrasound system for point-of-care, musculoskeletal and various other medical specialties Keopsys-Quantel Group becomes Lumibird


The Keopsys Group transfers its companies to the Quantel Group for the business combination between Quantel and Keopsys. Launching of Breakthrough SubCyclo Laser Procedure for Treatment of Glaucoma and next-generation Compact Touch Ophthalmic Ultrasound Platform


1st glaucoma, retina (Multispot) and cataract laser in one: Optimis Fusion easily combines with Quantel Medical’s Vitra Multispot™, allowing a major technological advance producing 2 wavelengths (532 nm and 1064 nm) in a single cavity


Quantel Medical introduces its new generation of 10 MHz B probe, offering multiple diagnostic advantages and new capabilities


Quantel Medical launches New Easyret fully integrated 577nm Yellow photocoagulator for macular and peripheral retinal pathologies based on fiber laser technology


World’s first 577 nm multispot pattern scanning laser with Subthreshold mode: Supra Scan™ 577


2 high-frequency probes are introduced for the retina and the anterior chamber. Introduction of the Pocket II™ pachymeter for glaucoma diagnosis. Viridis Twin receives FDA clearance


Quantel Medical advances the ultrasound market with two new products: Cinescan™ A/B and the Axis II™ biometer. Launching of Varigain™ and Cineloop™ into the market ultrasound features


A direct office in Asia is established


Quantel is listed on the Nouveau Marché of the Paris stock exchange Viridis Twin introduction, offering 532nm and 810nm in one system


Acquisition by Quantel of the American company Big Sky Laser (now Quantel USA) Activis™ and Iridis™ introduction for the AMD treatment and YAG Optimis™ laser for the capsulotomy


Quantel Medical introduces the Viridis™ solid-state photocoagulator, bringing the era of argon lasers in ophthalmology to an end


Creation of Quantel Medical, specializing in lasers and ultrasound products designed for ophthalmology


Creation of Quantel by Mr. Georges Bret, to design and manufacture lasers for use in scientific instrumentation