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Laser – Monospot Photocoagulation
Laser – Monospot Photocoagulation

Complete photocoagulation range: Supra

SUPRA 532nm / TWIN 660 / TWIN 810
SUPRA 577nm
SUPRA 660nm
SUPRA 810nm

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Laser – Monospot Photocoagulation
Supra 532 nm Supra 660 nm Supra 577.Y Supra 810 nm

4 photocoagulators specially designed for laser treatment of retinal diseases:

  • Diabetic retinopathy
  • Vein occlusion
  • detachment of the retina
  • Tearing of the retina
  • Macular edema
  • Age-related macular degeneration...
By providing a wide array of wavelengths, coupled with a large choice of pulse modes (including the new micropulse mode), Quantel Medical is reconnecting with the past while resolutely looking forward!
  • Choice of 4 wavelengths
    A historical pioneer with its 532 nm wavelength solid-state laser, Quantel Medical is currently reintroducing the benchmark 577 nm wavelength laser (the true yellow laser) in order to best meet the needs of today's ophthalmologists.

    The four wavelengths selected by the medical establishment from the previous generation of dye lasers have been re-released in their solid-state version:

    • Green laser (532 nm) - Power: 3 W
    • True yellow laser (577 nm) - Power: 2 W
    • Red laser (660 nm) - Power: 700 mW
    • Infrared laser (810 nm) - Power: 3 W

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GREEN 532 nm

The « standard » in photocoagulation

Wavelength Benefits:
- Highly absorbed by the melanin present in the Retinal Pigment Epithelium
- Well absorbed by hemoglobin

Clinical assets:
- Allows to treat a large variety of pathologies

The « gold standard » to treat near the macula

Wavelength Benefits:
- Peak absorption in oxyhemoglobin
- Negligible absorption by xanthophyll pigments
- Low light scattering

Clinical assets:
- Safe near the macula
- Useful for treating abnormal vasculature
- Limited pain for the patient
RED 660 nm

The ideal choice in case of hazy media

Wavelength Benefits:
- Minimally absorbed by hemoglobin
- Well absorbed by melanin

Clinical assets:
- Excellent for treating through vitreous and retinal hemorrhages
- Better penetration through media opacities
- Deeper choroidal penetration

The alternative when a deep penetration is required

Wavelength Benefits:
- No absorption by hemoglobin
- No absorption by xanthophyll pigments
- Low absorption by melanin

Clinical assets:
- Good transmission through hemorrhages and vitreous opacities
- Good penetration through sclera
  • A different pulse mode for each treatment
    • Four « conventional » pulse modes: simple, repeat, continuous and painting


    • Micropulse mode for infraliminar treatments
  • For optimum thermal effect control!
    Micropulse Exclusive to Quantel Medical with a choice of two wavelengths - 532 nm and 660 nm
  • A full range of accessories

A full range of accessories
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