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Our business involves the design, development and industrialization of lasers and Ultrasound systems, a field we have been working in for over 15 years now in a fully ethical fashion.
Our primary concern is your satisfaction.
In short, we make every possible effort to build up a relationship of trust based on a local service offer and fast response times.

Our sales team

  • Organization:
    • 24 employees
      • 1 Sales Director
      • International: 15 employees
      • France: 8 employees
      • Over 80 exclusive distributors spread over 5 continents

    • 6 zones
      • North America: USA & Canada (Quantel Medical Inc.)
      • Latin America
      • Europe
      • Pacific Asia
      • Middle East & Africa
      • France

  • Key figures:
    • 200 requests processed every day
    • 3,500 invoices sent out per year
    • 120 customer visits per year
    • 5,000 lasers sold
    • 10,000 Ultrasound systems sold
    • 30 distributors who have been working with Quantel Medical for over 10 years,
      a partnership based on trust

Customer service

  • Organization:
    • 12 employees
      • 1 manager
      • 5 specialized technical experts for each range (lasers or Ultrasound systems)
      • 6 dedicated assistants (Export and France)
      • 1 preferred, dedicated contact for each area

    • A highly experienced international network. Our distributors are given further training through a series of in-house technical courses

  • Key figures:
    • 15,000 Quantel Medical products installed worldwide
    • 10 technical courses delivered each year
    • 160 technical experts serving customers worldwide
    • 50 requests processed every day

Continuous customer support

We provide you with continuing technical and clinical after-sales support whenever you purchase one of our machines. Our Customer and Technology Departments are on hand to answer all your questions. We also organize training sessions in partnership with referring physicians

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