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Laser – Multispot Photocoagulation
Laser – Multispot Photocoagulation


532 nm Multispot Laser

Quantel Medical's cutting edge laser technology has brought constant and multiple innovations to retinal physicians worldwide since 1993.
Vitra multispot is a 532 nm photocoagulation laser that adapts to Haag Streit type slit lamps.
It offers a large choice of patterns improving the photocoagulation experience for both patient and physician.
Vitra spetech
  • Vitra Multispot : enter the pattern scan era!
    Short pulse durations: 10-20 ms
    • Less heat diffusion to the retina and choroid
    • Less collateral damage to surrounding tissue
    • Comfortable treatment better tolerated by patients
    • Extremely fast treatment (full PRP in 2 sessions only)
    • Shorter laser sessions (compared to "classic treatments")

    A pattern for each practice / pathology
    Possible application: PRP in the mid periphery

    Triple arcs:
    Possible application: PRP in the far periphery

    Circles: Partial / Complete
    Possible application: Retinal tears

    Monospot :
    Possible applications:
    • Titrate
    • Finishing touches
    • Classic treatments
    Vitra pattern eyes
  • Vitra Multispot : technology
    Electronically Controlled Laser Emission "Start and Stop" principle:
    As opposed to continuous emission pattern lasers, Vitra Multispot does not use galvo mirrors to control pulse duration:
    • The laser beam is always perfectly centered in the fiber
    • Each laser pulse is generated and controlled by the laser itself
    • Each pattern is produced by two galvo mirrors which direct each electronically controlled laser spot
    This smart technology choice ensures excellent spot-to-spot laser burn consistency.
    Fluence is controlled and consistent for each spot.
    Etapes laser multispot
    Parfocal zoom:
    Perfect homogeneity of each laser spot with Top Hat power distribution.
    Vitra parfocal Zoom

    Continuously variable spot size
    * 50 µm to 100 µm spot sizes only available in single spot.
    Continuously variable spot size
  • Vitra Multispot: ease of use
    Control settings with an analog knob, touch screen or hands-free via the foot-switch
    Vitra Control settings with an analog knob

    Control patterns (size, orientation…) with the Vitra remote click wheel on your slit lamp table
    Vitra ControlPattern
  • Vitra Multispot: versatility
    4 laser delivery system options
    Multispot slit lamp adapter compatible with:
    Compatibilité :
    • Quantel Medical slit lamp
    • Haag Streit BM/BQ 900
    • Most of the Haag Streit clones

    OR microscope adapters compatible with:
    • Zeiss type
    • Leica type

    • 20 g
    • 23 g
    • 25 g

    Laser indirect ophthalmoscopes:
    • Heine 180
    • Keeler Vantage Plus

    Vitra : 4 laser delivery system options
  • Vitra Multispot: transportable
    Vitra transportable