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Laser Selective Trabeculoplasty
Laser  Selective Trabeculoplasty


Your Glaucoma Laser Therapy

Quantel Medical's cutting edge lase technology has brought constant and multiple innovations to glaucoma physicians worldwide since 1993.
SoLuTis is a Q-switched 532nm SLT laser that adaps to Haag Streit type slit lamps.
It offers an excellent alternative to eye drops, surgery and classic laser procedures, impoving glaucoma treatment for both patient and physician.

  • SoLuTis: enter the SLT laser therapy era

    Photoregeneration ?
    In contrast to classic laser procedures (ALT, MLT, PLT, ...) the SLT procedure is characterized by its absence of thermal effects.
    Advanced "photoregeneration" therapy eliminates the destructive aspects of ALT.

    SLT laser energy is selectively absorbed by pigmented cells.
    Its specific treatment settings limit the heat-related damage and preserve the trabecular meshwork.


    Unique treatment settings
    • Extremely short duration: 4 ns <=> 0.000000004 sec!
    • Large Spot Size: 400m
    • Ideal 532nm wavelength to target melanin cells


    A safe, and clinically proven treatment
    SLT is a proven therapy supported by more than 10 years of clinical data:
    • An efficient non-invasive glaucoma laser treatment
      Used more and more as first-line therapy
      As effective as the "classic laser treatments" but repeatable over time
    • Alternative / compliment to medical therapies
    • Adjunct to surgery and classic laser therapy


    An easy and fast treatment procedure
    • An easy office procedure
    • A 5 minute painless treatment
    • Improved follow up for your patients (patient compliance)
    • A reimbursed procedure by most insurance policies

  • SoLuTis: Technology
    SLT Technology: a cold laser effect
    As opposed to the trabeculoplasty lasers based on
    photocoagulators, the SoLuTis laser cavity is based on Q-Swiched frequency doubled nd:YAG technology.
    This technology, is the only choice which provides unique SLT procedure settings:
    • Wavelength: 532nm
    • Pulse duration: 4ns (0.000000004sec)
    • Spot Size: 400m


    SoLuTis uses a large spot size and an extremely short pulse duration that are fixed.

    These fixed parameters avoid any kind of visible or subvisible thermal effect.
    The energy absorption is limited to the melanin cells and avoids any thermal spread to the adjacent tissue. This prevents the thermal damage that occurs with classic photocogulators (ALT), pattern scan lasers (PLT) or micropulse lasers (MLT)...

    Top Hat laser beam
    SoLuTis premium optical components deliver even energy distribution across the diameter of spot which is essential to avoid damaging the trabecular meshwork.

  • SoLuTis: Ease of use / Adaptable design
    SoLuTis laser adapts to
    • Quantel Medical Slit Lamp / Table (complete configuration)
    • Haag Streit type slit lamps
    • Optimis 2 YAG laser (SLT + YAG combo)
    2 positions laser solutis
  • SoLuTis: Transportable
    SoLuTis is delivered in a carrying case