Global therapeutic solutions in ophthalmology
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missions &competencies

Above all Quantel Medical is…

  • A team of professionals
  • A dynamic business approach
  • A source of innovative technologies
  • A provider of clinical results
  • A globally established business
  • …and most of all, a team of men and women dedicated to helping patients

Quantel Medical offers innovative solutions in the field of ophthalmology

Founded in 1993, Quantel Medical, a subsidiary of the Quantel Group, offers innovative ophthalmology solutions: from ocular diagnosis to ophthalmic laser treatment.

The company develops and markets a complete range of ophthalmic ultrasound for ocular diagnosis and ophthalmic laser systems to treat ocular diseases.
A leading-edge player in a constantly advancing technological field, Quantel Medical has unique expertise and has pioneered several groundbreaking developments in the field of medical technology.
In 1993, Quantel Medical launched the first ophthalmic solid-state laser, thus bringing the era of the Argon laser to an end. In 2003, Quantel Medical marked another first in the world of ophthalmic ultrasound by introducing onto the market 2 high-frequency probes for retinal and anterior chamber ocular diagnosis.

Today, Quantel Medical has built up a worldwide leadership reputation in the fields of Ophthalmic Ultrasound and ophthalmic laser photocoagulation systems.

A globally established business

With its dynamic team of professionals,
Quantel Medical is established on every continent and in over 110 countries.
international network

Quantel Medical's direct sales forces sell products through a network of over 80 exclusive distributors spread over all 5 continents, and 2 regional offices, Quantel Medical Inc. in Bozeman (Montana, USA) and Quantel Medical Asia at Chiang Maï (Thailand).

The company's headquarters in Clermont-Ferrand, France, is the hub of its international network which groups over 80 distributors worldwide, half of which have been working with Quantel Medical for over ten years now, forming a true partnership based on trust.

Today, Quantel Medical employs 80 people worldwide and has an equipment base of some 18,000 lasers and Ultrasound systems.

Quantel Medical prime concern: the patient

Quantel Medical offers global therapeutic solutions in ophthalmology for:
  • cataract
  • glaucoma
  • ARMD
  • diabetic retinopathy
  • retinal detachment
  • retinal breaks
Through its complete range of ocular Ultrasound diagnostic systems and treatment lasers, Quantel Medical is able to provide therapeutic solutions that meet the needs of both patients and physicians.